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For those who are thinking of moving to this area, please do ample research ahead of time on up-to-date cost of living, housing, and work situations.   The market of the oil and gas business fluctuates.  Watch the price of a barrel of oil - low prices can mean many fewer jobs in the industry.  Construction will continue in the area for some time but this is often temporary work depending upon the company, situation, etc.  The housing situation continues to improve but is at a higher cost than most other parts of the country.  Hotels also tend to be fairly expensive as well.   Groceries tend to be at a higher cost, at least compared to many places.   There are jobs here in various areas, as retail and other support services expand with continued construction and infrastructure improvements, as well as some diversification of the local economy.   So while wages in the oil industry can be good, the higher cost of living here also should be taken into account.  Many come to the Bakken very unprepared and dangerously so.   This is an area of extreme temperatures in winter and summer, so you don't want to get caught without housing lined up.   2016 is showing a severe decline in the amount of oil drilling in the area and this affects the job situation, though not all jobs.    

Concordia does not house people at the church any longer.   We are not allowed to under local regulations and the details of doing so in the past brought troubles that we do not care to revisit.   So, again, we urge thorough research and pre-planning.   While an economic boom and rapid expansion can bring opportunities it also brings complications and challenges.  Things are much better than some years ago but it can still be daunting and takes adaptation.   More recently, additional stores, restaurants and services are making the Williston area more family friendly and is serving the demand more adequately and coming years look good thus far as well.   This is somewhat a matter of opinion but it is commonly expressed.  

The nearest LCMS churches in our area are here in Williston and then in Fairview and Sidney, Montana.  Outside of these it is a fairly long drive to any others.   So LCMS Lutherans moving to the Bakken might wish to keep this in mind for jobs and housing location.  


Concordia no longer houses people at the church.

Those who are interested in matters related to the documentary that involved Concordia Lutheran Church are invited to contact Rev. Terry Forke, president of the Montana District of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.

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