Our liturgical life

null  The Divine Service & other Services

"I AM among you as the One who serves" Luke 22:27 - The Lord serves and feeds us in His Holy Word and Sacraments

Concordia Lutheran Church is a liturgical congregation that makes thorough use of Christ-centered Lutheran heritage in music, hymns, liturgy, the Church Year, ceremonial, and much else.  Our pastor is glad to introduce and explain this great heritage that proclaims Christ and Him crucified through the "whole counsel of God."   The Divine Service of the Word and Sacrament is the center of our life together as the Lord's Church in this place.   The Lord's gifts of forgiveness, life and salvation flow to us in the Divine Service as the Lord Jesus Himself is there present for us according to His word of promise.  He then sends us forth into our daily callings in life (vocation) to serve our Him through serving our neighbor, wherever He puts us.

Sunday Divine Service of Word and Sacrament - 9:30 AM

During Advent and Lent we hold Midweek Vespers or Evening Prayer services on Wednesdays at 7:OOPM.

We also observe various other festivals and solemn days as announced in the church newsletter and calendar (e.g. Christmas, Holy Week, Ascension)